Vidjam + Stock Video

Camera Layer
Camera Layer
SV1 Quick Preview
SV1 Quick Preview

Vidjam integrated with stock footage and timelapse from around the world

49 Stock Footage & Time Lapse Themes + 3053 Videos

Vidjam provides a fluid workflow to quickly create powerful visual experiences for your audience. It can be used as a stand-alone video playlist engine to add atmosphere to your space or for live performances with cameras and effects synchronized to your music's tempo. This package includes Vidjam software and integrates the new Global Archive SV1 library directly into your Vidjam experience.

Includes free point updates through v1.9
Monthly Subscription description.
Extended license allows you to use library videos in any software according to the license terms . These files are delivered in Quicktime 'MP4' format for use on both Mac and PC.
Limited license allows you to use library videos only with Vidjam. These videos are encrypted in a special format so they will not work with any other software.
1280x720 30fps
1920x1080 30fps
3840x2160 30fps
Resolutions Explained
Price: $397.00

Vidjam Features

Full Screen ModePerformance Mode
Full Screen Mode provides a customized layout catered to your workflow. Instantly filter thousands of videos, stream, add cameras, fx layers, video grids and save the entire state of Vidjam using presets
Performance Mode allows you to dock vidjam at the bottom of your performance software. Access essential features while keeping focus on your mix