Technical Support

Need help with Beatflo Vidjam or want to report an issue? The support team would love to hear from you - it's what we do! If you need our help, just open a help request and talk to our technical experts and development team!

To search the support area or open a help request, go to the links below.

  • 8AM-5PM Monday-Friday
  • For all support and technical questions please use the HELP DESK using the button below

Get Support Here

We are proud to announce the launch of our new forum, scheduled for this summer. The forum will be a great source for:

  • Finding manuals and how-tos
  • Quickstart guides, FAQs and articles
  • Driver and firmware links
  • Discussions with other Beatflo users

Check out the trending section for important content!

Starting a discussion in this general area is a good place to chat with fellow DJs and Beatflo users.

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