Effects Layer

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Last updated on Saturday, May 13, 2023 - 10:57pm

The effects layer is not a source layer like all the others. Rather, this layer type is used to apply some visual effect to any individual layer, multiple layers or the entire stack.

Placement within the stack will affect which layers the effects are applied to. When engaging the link-below button, its effects are only applied to the layer directly below.

In this example, I’m playing a video from the Geotiles collection on the base layer and a video from the UV Reactive collection in the video grid. These are mixed using the “screen” blending mode.

When the link is engaged in the effects layer, the zoom effect is only being applied to the dancers in the grid layer directly below.

When the link button is disengaged, the effects are applied to all layers below including the base layer.

The effects layer includes several types of effects and more will be added often.

Use the pull-down to select the effect. To activate the effect, trigger it using the play button just like another other layer type. The envelope settings will control the strength of that effect.