The Nav Bar

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Last updated on Saturday, May 13, 2023 - 10:51pm

The nav bar includes basic UI behavior, hotkey assignment and bug report buttons.

From left to right, the first is the hide UI button. This can be helpful if you are using the preview display as your main output and want to hide all controls. If you have hidden the UI, you may temporarily unhide the UI by hovering over the nav bar area at the top of the screen. You may also want to hotkey the hide UI button for convenience.

The blackout button when active will cause all secondary displays to fade to black. Clicking again will fade those displays back in. You may set the fade in and out times in preferences.

The media manager button will display or hide all panels related to managing the playlist.

The preferences button will open application set-up panels. This is where you download video content and set up the core components of the application like camera assignment, displays, tempo clock source, custom tags and streaming destinations.

The Hotkey Edit button allows the mapping of UI controls to MIDI messages or the PC keyboard. This could be a button, knob, slider or menu item. When engaged, all assignable controls will be highlighted in green. To create an assignment, click on any green highlighted area and send a MIDI note, MIDI Control Change, MIDI Program Change or click on any PC keyboard key to map it to that control.

The Report button allows you to provide feedback to our team, when you encounter a bug or have a feature request. We review these daily to help fine-tune existing features and shape the future of Vidjam.

To the right are window controls. Minimize and Windowed modes are standard while Always On Top forces Vidjam to remain on top of other apps. When used in conjunction with the micro or window mode, place Vidjam on top of your DJ app, DAW or mixing software during a performance. This minimizes the space required to operate Vidjam to help keep your focus on your musical performance while maintaining control of Vidjam's core features when needed.