The Playlist

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Main Controls

Last updated on Saturday, May 13, 2023 - 10:53pm

The playlist is where all media resides that will be played in order from top to bottom. If you have enabled the Session List in preferences, media that has already played in the current session will appear in grey and will be skipped until all other files in the list have played. This ensures the most variety in your session and prevents playing the same media too often. You can reset the session list by clicking the clear session list button.

Use the randomize button to shuffle the playlist. Use randomize with the group-by-collection option to keep collection videos together while only shuffling the collections themselves. This will ensure some consistency throughout your performance as all videos in each collection playback as a group before moving to the next shuffled collection in the playlist.

You may also drag-and-drop media up and down the playlist to create a custom playback order. Use a group tag to save the custom playlist. More on group tags in another tutorial.