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Last updated on Saturday, May 13, 2023 - 11:08pm

Use the audio panel to route and mix connected audio devices to vidjam. Mixed audio is then sent to Audio Assignment panels that can be used to map specific audio frequencies to vidjam’s controls. When in-stream or record mode, audio is also passed through to streaming and local hard drive destinations set up in the Streaming tab.

Check the Show loopback devices box to display any outputs that can be re-routed back as an input. For instance, you may have an audio card connected that is providing a signal to your speakers. If you want vidjam to listen to that output, check its box to reroute it back into vidjam’s audio mixer. In this example when I check to show loopback devices you see the laptop speakers listed as an additional input source. If I’m playing music through those speakers I can route it back into to vidjam by checking it’s box.

Use the sliders to adjust the input gain for each channel. Click the settings icon to switch between STEREO and MONO and to access the compressor and limiter settings. Use these power buttons to turn on and off the compressor and limiter.