Preferences - Displays

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Last updated on Saturday, May 13, 2023 - 11:07pm

Configure your preview monitor and external displays in this area. To enable NDI output check the box and enter a name. All NDI enabled devices on your network will now see the main Vidjam output. This is a convenient way to send the output to other machines on your network.

Spout is automatically enabled, It appear in the spout input list for any spout-enabled applications running on this computer like resolume, mad mapper or grand vj.

This monitor is your preview display. All other outputs are considered secondary displays.

Use “keep aspect ratio” to prevent videos from distorting. When used in conjunction with the “fill screen” option you can prevent distortion and prevent letterboxing n. This is usually the best setting but can result in cropping off the top and bottom of videos when used on wide screens that are not the same aspect ratio as your videos.

If you are using a projector as your preview monitor you can use the flip axis boxes to account for ceiling mounting and rear screen projection.

Use the mirror option to create a simple symmetrical effect on this display.

Enable additional displays you have connected using this checkbox. The same options from your preview display are also available on secondary displays here. In addition you can keystone secondary display outputs by enabling the “edit Corner Handles” option and then dragging on the visible corner points on those displays or by typing value directly in the corners fields here.

You may also crop any side of the secondary display using the cropping fields here.