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Last updated on Saturday, May 13, 2023 - 11:01pm

The download area is where you can preview and download pre-tagged libraries of video content from MotionLoops.

Use the Preview button to get an idea of the styles included. Use the Download Demo button to download watermarked samples of the library.

Once you have purchased a library for this instance of Vidjam, you will see a Download button appear. Note the progress bar when downloading. Libraries are very large and can take many hours to complete. If you are disconnected, a Resume Download option will appear the next time Vidjam has a connection.

Logo animations may be created at our partner site, MotionLogos. Please visit their site for simple instructions on how to purchase animations based on your existing logo. Many logo animations they offer are tempo-based to seamlessly integrate within your Vidjam performance while in BPM Sync mode.