Preferences - Logos & Branding

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Last updated on Saturday, May 13, 2023 - 11:03pm

Use the auto-branding feature to force Vidjam to show your logo animations automatically during a performance. If you have branding media or logo animations saved on your computer, first use the Browse button to choose the folder where all your logo and branding animations reside.

When enabled, vidjam will play a single media file from that folder in increments determined by the “Frequency” field for the amount of time set up in the “Duration” field using the transition time set up in the “transition” field.

Using these example settings, your logo animations located in this folder will play back every 5 minutes. The animation will mix in at each 5 minute mark using a transition time of 3 seconds. The animation will play or 30 seconds and then mix back out again using a transition time of 3 seconds. This process will repeat every 5 minutes whereas a new animation will be selected from the folder each time.

When this feature is enabled, a countdown timer appears above the Duration area in the base layer.