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Last updated on Saturday, May 13, 2023 - 11:06pm

The tag system helps define and filter your media into playlists.

Use tags to recall videos that you feel are the best fit for your music while you perform. This provides a quick and easy way to dynamically generate playlists on the fly in sync with your music.

There are four types of tag categories. All of your media may contain one or more of these tags to help you filter your playlist by clicking on the tags during a performance.

  • Directory tags are automatically applied using folder and file names. These appear in the four media panels.
  • System tags are automatically applied using files metadata like frame rate and resolution.
  • Dynamic Tags are automatically applied to files using the BPM algorithm. The Total Beats tag is an example. Although it’s automatically generated, these special system tags can be edited in case the algorithm does not generate the correct value.
  • Custom Tags may be created, edited and deleted.

In preferences, You may add and delete your custom categories. To add a new custom category click the plus button. To delete an existing category select it and click the minus button.

You may hide and unhide System, Custom and Dynamic tag categories from the media browser view by selecting a category and clicking the hide or unhide button. Directory tag categories cannot be hidden.

Visible categories in the list will appear in the media browser view. You may create new categories using the plus button or remove custom categories using the minus button.

Notice in this example the Frame Offset tag is set as visible and therefore is displayed as part of the media browser. When we select and hide it, this tag category is no longer visible. You may hide or unhide any category other than the Directory type.

You may also add and delete individual tags in editable categories using the panel on the right. To add a new tag to an editable category click the plus button. To delete an existing tag select it and click the minus button.

You may hide and unhide individual tags as well. To hide a tag select it and then click the hide button. To unhide a tag select it and click the unhide button.

Use the scan all files button to ingest metadata and tags from your media. Use this when tag categories or individual tags are missing from the panels on the left. This button also appears in the media panel of preferences.