Tips & Tricks #2 : 4 Ways To Play Visuals

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Quick Tips & Tricks

Last updated on Saturday, May 13, 2023 - 9:48pm

Today we're going to show you 4 ways to trigger and mix your videos using Vidjam. The first way is to create a list of videos by applying filters. The resulting videos matching your criteria will appear in the playlist. The base layer will play each video according to the duration and transition settings. To manually step through the playlist, click the loop button and then use the transport buttons to move up and down the list - or click directly on a video in the playlist to transition to that video. The third way is to use a video grid. First, load the grid with the playlist contents. Now open the grid and click directly on the cells or use the arrows to trigger the videos assigned to those cells. To automatically step through the cells at a defined interval, engage the autopilot and set a step time. When in BPM mode, you can set the step times, duration and transition values using bars, beats and divisions so your videos stay in sync with your music. You can also quantize your actions so any manual video triggering will always stay on beat. All buttons, knobs, sliders and cells used to trigger and manipulate videos can easily be assigned to your MIDI controller or Streamdeck. There’s actually a 5th way to trigger videos - or more specifically to mix in your logo animations. Set up the branding layer in preferences to inject your logo animations throughout your set automatically at predetermined intervals. We'll dive into that method in another video.