Tips & Tricks #3 : Visual Beatgrid Filtering

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Last updated on Saturday, May 13, 2023 - 9:58pm

Today we're going to show you how to quickly access all videos in the Visuals Complete library that contain a beatgrid. Videos with beat-grids allow Vidjam to dynamically adjust the speed of videos to match the tempo of your music in real-time - even when the music tempo is changing. After you download the Visuals Complete library in preferences, all it's 22 included themes, 236 collections and seventy-four hundred videos will become available through Vidjam’s media panels. Here you can filter them down to populate the playlist for automated playback. You may alternatively push the playlist to a video grid for manual control using hotkeys, MIDEy or a Streamdeck. To filter all videos containing a beatgrid, enable the beat grid button in the settings panel. Now all video populating the playlist will contain a beatgrid and therefore all of the videos played back will track the tempo of your music. To restrict video to specific themes or collections, click their names in the theme and collection panels. Now only files in those specific themes and collections containing a beatgrid will populate the playlist and be available for playback. To keep the visuals in sync with your music, set your duration to 4 or 8 bars and use a short transition time of 1 or 2 beats. If you want manual control of each individual video push them to a video grid, open the grid and auto-assign the cells to your MIDI controller or Streamdeck. You can automatically step through the grids in sync with your music tempo as well but we’ll save that for another video.

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