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Visual control for DJs, VJs, bands, streamers and venues.

Automatically synchronize videos, presets, transitions, cameras and effects to your music in real-time making your streaming, live performances, and installations unique and always on beat.

Compatible with:

  • DJ, music & production software using Ableton Link & MIDI
  • Video and mapping software using NDI & Spout
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Includes X8 w/ 297 motion graphics themes spanning 9800 videos



Includes Beatsync w/31 tempo-based collections spanning 930 videos


VIDJAM Mac/PC Demo Now Available For Download


  • Streamdeck integration allows mapping of buttons & videos to LCD buttons
  • Ableton LINK integration allows easy tempo and phrase sync
  • Easily synchronize with DJ software, DAWs & MIDI hardware
  • Stream directly to Facebook, Twitch, Youtube and Mixcloud
  • Unlimited USB and NDI cameras with tempo-based switching
  • Dedicated logo layer brands you artistically every X minutes
  • Automate parameters according to your real-time tempo
  • Notation-based UI for musical adjustments based on beats or time
  • X8 bundle includes over 2000 tempo-based 3D scenes that contain a beat grid

Vidjam is a new tool for DJs, VJs, streamers, bands, tours, venues, and nightclubs looking to take their visual production to the next level. Live acts can use it to synchronize videos and cameras with their music in real-time. Take full advantage of Vidjam's features to use as a standalone app to output to online streaming platforms and local displays – simultaneously. VJs and veteran streamers can pipe Vidjam's output using Spout or NDI into their native apps like OBS and Resolume. Check out the video for details on the latest features to help you stand out and improve your video production.

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Dock to the bottom of your screen then sync to music

Effortlessly synchronize video playback to your stage tempo. Any DJ setup or DAW that provides Ableton LINK or MIDI clock locally or over the network is recognized by Vidjam in BPM Mode. In this mode, video content will automatically lock to the beat while transitions will stay phrase matched with your music. When using AblteonLINK the phrase of your music is also synchronized. BPM mode allows you to change settings according to the beat information rather than time. For instance, set the duration of each video to 8 measures, set the transition to 1 measure, or set any available effect parameter controls to quarter notes or eighth notes to keep everything in perfect timing with your music - automatically. Assign MIDI Note and CC controls to all functions in Vidjam. Trigger overlays in perfect time with your music using Grid Layers and your favorite MIDI sequencer. Apply quantize values to buttons so any "imperfect" live clicks still sync to your music. Collapse Vidjam into micro mode on top of your software to keep an eye on the most important parameters during a performance while conserving screen real estate for your main music software.