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Platform Name Date Size Version Download
Window 10
VIDJAM WINDOWS 9/27/2022 290.9 Mb v1.4.0.0 Go to download
MAC VIDJAM MAC 2022 TBD Go to download

Latest Release Notes

  • New Features

    • Video Grid: Videos can now be loaded using the media playlist. Clicking on the load from the playlist button in either the Layer’s toolbar or from the Grid window will add the current playlist to the video grid. The playlist does not have to be applied to the base layer when adding it to the Grid.
    • Video Grid: Add Folder button has been changed to Add Files. Clicking on the Folder icon in either the Layer’s toolbar or from the Grid window will open up a File browser which allows you to add individual files or multiple files at once.
    • Video Grid: Toggling the plus symbol in the Video Grid Window will add items to the Grid instead of replacing its contents.
    • Video Grid: Folders and Files can be dragged and dropped from the Windows explorer directly onto a layer or Grid.
    • Video Grid: Items can be rearranged by dragging and dropping.
    • Video Grid: Items can be removed from the grid by selecting the item and then hitting the delete key on the keyboard.
    • Media Manager: Folders can be dragged and dropped from Windows explorer directly onto the Media folders panel to add them as media folders.
    • Media Manager: Media files can be dragged and dropped from Windows explorer directly onto the Playlist panel.
    • Media Manager: Thumbnail previews are displayed for files in the playlist.
    • Media Manager: Optimized UI performance.
    • Media Manager: Optimized database queries when applying playlist filters.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Hide UI behavior was inconsistent.
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
    • BPM Tag Slider now goes up to 200 BPM.
    • Video Grid: Selected Clip is not saved/loaded.
    • Loop Current Video state not saved on exit.
    • Freeze Folder state not saved on exit.

  • Bug Fixes
    • The fix for crashes caused by a memory leak when loading hundreds of large images of various sizes.
    • The audio Assignment panel is stuck open at launch if the audio device fails to initialize.
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

  • New Features
    • Audio reactivity: Added a Simple 4 band mode. Users can select from Bass, Mid, Mid High, and High bands or any combination of them.
    • Audio reactivity: Added simple starter presets for Volume, Bass, Mid, Mid-High and High.
    • Audio reactivity: Invert signal toggle added. This will invert the way the signal is mapped.
    • Audio reactivity: Added a master Audio reactivity mute control that is located in the main deck's playback panel.
    • Half and Double Tempo buttons added.
  • Changes
    • Audio reactivity: Improved FFT calculation and beat detection.
    • Audio reactivity: Changed functionality and renamed various controls.
    • Audio reactivity: Removed Trim control because the Minimum Signal made it redundant.
    • Audio reactivity: Improved visual feedback.
    • Audio reactivity: Power controls will only disable Audio reactivity for that control.
    • Hotkey and Audio Mappings: Stripped GUIDs from controls target labels to make them easier to read.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Spout Input: Spout input from a few specific apps, like Virtual DJ shows up blank.
    • Loading the same folder into a video layer twice in succession can cause subsequent loads to that layer to fail.
    • The chroma Key Power button could become unresponsive when switching between the image mask and chroma key panels.
    • Chroma Key color picker sometimes would get stuck on the default green color.
    • The secondary Display process could stay running in the background if Vidjam didn’t exit gracefully.
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

  • Bug Fixes
    • FX: Kaleidoscope, sketch and extrusion effect’s opacity are now modulated by the envelope and strength values.

    • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

  • New Features
    • Scenes: Tag groups have been renamed to scenes to better portray their functionality. Scenes can instantly load selected tag filters, custom playlists, and even the entire layer stack. Scene loading has been greatly optimized so the entire state of the app can be instantly swapped. Scene triggering can also be quantized so you can swap between scenes while staying on the beat.

    • Revamped Stream Deck 2.0 Integration. Vidjam will no longer take full control of the Stream Deck and does not require any custom profiles to be installed. To use Vidjam with your Stream Deck, open up the Stream Deck App and assign the Vidjam Dynamic button to any buttons you want Vidjam to control. You can now mix and match Vidjam with other Stream Deck applications. Swapping pages in Vidjam will only affect the assigned Vidjam Dynamic buttons.

    • Stream Deck: Cameras in the camera layer can be assigned to Stream Deck buttons and will display a live preview of the camera feed.

    • Stream Deck: Buttons on the stream deck will now reflect their toggled state.

    • NDI: The resolution dropdown has been added in display preferences. You can now set the NDI resolution independently of your display resolution.

    • UI: Auto, Horizontal or Vertical layout modes can be selected in UI preferences. In horizontal mode, the media manager UI panels are docked to the sides of Vidjam. In vertical mode, the media manager UI panels are docked below the main deck and layers. In Auto mode (the default), Vidjam will automatically swap between the two modes depending on the size and aspect ratio of the window.

  • Changes
    • Video Grid Layer: Greatly optimized loading and the results are cached. After a folder has been loaded once, Vidjam can instantly load it during all future sessions.

    • Custom Tags are now docked with the default tags in the media manager panels.

    • UI: Improved UI to better scale with various resolutions and aspect ratios.

    • UI: Increased UI scaling on higher resolution displays to improve visibility.

    • UI: Optimized drawing and rescaling of elements.

    • UI: replaced alternate state images with simple highlighting of various buttons like play/pause, and always on top to better illustrate the current state.

    • General UI Cleanup.

    • Added warning when trying to record videos to a write-protected directory.

  • Bug Fixes
    • Video Grid Layer: Stall when multiple folders are loaded on multiple layers at the same time.

    • Scenes: Exiting a scene will now revert the layer stack back to its previous state even if the stack was not saved as a preset.
      Vidjam window is easier to drag around when the window is relatively small.

    • Show/Hide UI sometimes doesn’t work when hovering over the menu panel.

    • Loading panel display could sometimes stay visible for a few seconds after work was done.

    • Logo Player would exit log playback randomly when triggered.

    • Adding and removing layers of the same type that had controls mapped could result in the mappings being applied to the wrong layer.

    • Window dimensions were incorrectly reported if a monitor was in portrait mode which could result in the window resizing or full screening incorrectly.


Download FAQ

Can I demo Vidjam for free?

You may download Vidjam and run it in demo mode on any machine. The demo version is fully functional but has a watermarked output.

Can I demo the X7 and SV1 libraries for free?

You may download demo versions of X7 and SV1 by installing Vidjam and navigating to Settings / Downloads. There you will find Download Demo buttons for both libraries as well as a Custom Animations demo. The library demos are a small sample of the complete libraries and have a watermark applied.

How do I know if I have the latest version of Vidjam installed?

We update Vidjam often. Vidjam will check our server for updates after launch. If one is available, you will be given the option to download and install the latest version.

Is there an instruction manual for Vidjam?

We offer dozens of short video tutorials in place of a manual to help communicate features by showing you. Access all video tutorials by clicking the ? in the top navigation bar of Vidjam.

Does your software work for both Mac and PC?

Vidjam is currently PC-only but many Mac users are successfully running it inside Parallels We are also building a native Mac version scheduled for release in late 2022. We offer a free cross-grade option so you can use the Windows version now (on a PC or in Parallels) and can migrate to the native Mac version for free once it becomes available.

Why aren't my folders and videos appearing inside Vidjam's playlist?

Vidjam requires a specific folder hierarchy in order to accurately add media to its database. You will want to create this folder structure on your hard drive. Only videos that reside inside the Video Collection folders will be available to populate the playlist. (attach image)

Does Vidjam work in stand-alone mode?

Yes, Vidjam can synchronize to other software or run in stand-alone mode.

The libraries are taking too long to download. Can you help?

The SV1 and X7 libraries include thousands of video files pre-organized into dozens of themes and categories for instant access on the fly. The download size is quite large and may take several hours to complete depending on your download speed. If you are purchasing the extended license and prefer to receive an external USB hard drive pre-loaded with the libraries we can arrange this for $97 + shipping. Please email support for this option. Sorry, the limited license cannot currently be shipped.

What is the difference between the limited and extended licenses for your libraries?

The limited license is lower cost but can only be in the instance of Vidjam you are purchasing it for. The limited license files are encrypted, so they will not work outside of that instance of Vidjam. The extended license includes standard non-encrypted video files that can be used in your other software as well as Vidjam.

What are the restrictions of the free demo mode?

The only difference between the demo mode and licensed mode is that all output in the demo mode will be watermarked. Feel free to download Vidjam and give it a try in demo mode!

Can I download a sample of the X7 and SV libraries?

Yes, you may use the "Download Demo" links under Preferences / Downloads to try out a watermarked sample of the libraries. The demo libraries are much smaller than the full versions. The full libraries will include approximately 25x more content than the demos.

Can I use my own videos inside of Vidjam?

Yes, of course. Supported Media types are displayed in Vidjam under Settings / Media. If you want them to appear in directory panels and playlists, simply add them to your media folder. Be sure to keep the folder structure on your hard drive as shown below in order for Vidjam to populate the panels correctly. If you just want to add them to a grid layer, they can reside anywhere on your computer.

What media formats do you support?

We support the most common formats including mov, avi, avi, mkv, webm, flv, png, bpm and jpg.

How do I activate my copy of Vidjam to remove the watermarks?

Vidjam is available as a free download but it will include a watermark on the output until a license is applied. After purchasing on this website, the license will be emailed to you and can be entered on a single machine. If you have purchased a license, click the Activate button after launching Vidjam and enter your activation information in the following screen.

How do I activate the libraries I purchased?

If you have purchased only a single license of Vidjam, the libraries will be automatically associated with your license in your account on this website. In that case, you do not need to do anything except relaunch Vidjam and download the libraries in Preferences / Downloads. If you have purchased multiple copies of Vidjam, you need to associate it with a license on this website in your customer area and then the libraries will be available for download for the license you associated the library with.

Need more help?

Our support team is happy to help you with questions on how to use the Beatflo software. You can contact them from this page: