Traktor DJs Rejoice!

A solution to add visuals, effects and camera feeds to your Traktor performances is finally here! Whether you perform on stage or in-stream, the new Traktor + Vidjam combo delivers, unlike any other audio/visual option. Vidjam adds video automation features so you can keep your mind on the mix when it needs it most. Let Vidjam synchronize to your tempo using visual beatgrids then take control of Vidjam's effects layers at strategic moments in your sets to blow your audience away. Vidjam is the solution for Traktor users to integrate high-end visuals in a simple yet powerful way without the limitations of manual video mixing or the headache of using software designed to be run by a dedicated VJ.

Supercharged with Visuals!The Best DJ Software in the World

Audio/Video Streaming - The New Norm

Accelerated by the pandemic, streaming, and audio/visual DJ sets have become the norm. Everyone agrees that music is the most important aspect, but the visual component has become essential to compete for online streaming views while mixing from home or in the studio over the past few years. Now as the world opens back up those same tools are being used in the club and on stage. The old solutions were clunky at best and never designed to be controlled by the DJ during a performance. Vidjam streamlines and automates powerful industry features and wraps them in a package designed to be operated by the DJ.

Traktor DJs RejoiceThe new Traktor + Vidjam combo!