Feature Spotlight: Logo Animations & Automated Branding

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Last updated on Saturday, May 13, 2023 - 10:10pm

Vidjam includes a dedicated branding layer that mixes your logo animations at specific intervals in both stand-alone and live performance modes.

First, you need content. Images will work but this feature really shines with logo animations. If you’re interested in 3D logo animations compatible with Vidjam’s BPM engine, jump over to MotionLogos and launch a new project. It only takes a few minutes and you can submit as many projects as you have logos all under the same account. A few days after your project was launched, hundreds of custom animations will be ready for review. From here, click to select the ones you would like rendered in HD. A few days later your animation will be ready for download. Note that several of these templates contain a beat grid that can read by Vidjam for syncing your logo animations with your stage, streaming or post-production tempo - in the same way you can beat match all your other visuals in Vidjam. This is HUGE for DJs, bands and anyone else looking for synchronized production because it means even your logo branding will be in sync with your music. Now that you have logo animations ready to go, let’s dive into Vidjam’s banding layer.

First, place your logo animations in new folder on your hard drive. Launch Vidjam, open Settings then navigate to the Logos & Branding tab. Browse and select that folder you’ve just created and activate the branding layer by ticking the Auto Play Logos box here. At this point, the layer is active and Vidjam will mix your logo animations according to your settings here.After the time specified in the frequency field, the first logo animation will mix in and continue playing for the duration time entered here. The transition in and out time can be adjusted here. Then the process repeats for the next logo animation in your folder. Sound confusing? It’s actually not. Just think of it this way. If you want to rotate between all your logo animations every 10 minutes - change this value here to 10 minutes. If you want each logo animation to play for 30 seconds then change this field accordingly. If you want very short cuts in and out of the logo animations set this value to a low number like 1 second or if you want the logo animation to fade in more gradually set it to something higher. If you are in BPM mode, all time-related fields throughout Vidjam will change to beat notation so you can set relative to the current tempo. For instance, if I change to BPM mode I can set this field to display my logo animations every 64 measures and keep each one in the mix for 8 measures with a transition time of 1 measure. When active, a new timer appears in the Duration area of the base layer. This indicated the time to mix in and time to mix out of the logo animation in queue.

This is a great way to automatically insert your logo animations throughout your sessions. Simply place all your animations in a folder, choose your settings and activate the layer!