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Last updated on Saturday, May 13, 2023 - 11:02pm

“Always keep vidjam on top of other apps” prevents vidjam from being hidden from other apps in focus and is tied to the nav bar button here. This feature allows you to keep an eye on essential controls even during live performances while in micro mode. Notice while this is engaged when I have Traktor in full-screen mode, Vidjam stays on top even when clicking and controlling Traktor with the mouse.

Use this checkbox to display or hide the tag group names that will appear under group tag group images.

Skins can be used to keep color consistency with other performance applications and DAWs like Traktor, Serato and Ableton. You may use the defaults or create and save your own custom skins.

Use this checkbox to allow click-dragging on the duration and transition radials.

Max knob values for duration and transition radials can be set using these fields.

The Max radial value setting for layer controls is set using this field.

Enable Tool Tips for mouse-over help to appear on UI elements throughout the app.

Enabling the crosshair pointer can be helpful to find your mouse on the preview display while playing high-energy content. Use “hide mouse pointer” when you are using the preview monitor as one of your main displays. This forces the pointer to be hidden after a few seconds of inactivity. .

To preview videos in the playlist, check this option. When enabled, mousing over the playlist media names will cause a small preview to appear.