Browser Layer

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Last updated on Saturday, May 13, 2023 - 10:59pm

The browser layer allows you to route a webpage through the stack. You can interact with the website directly through Vidjam’s preview display, apply blending modes, link effects and perform other functions just like the other source layers.

Here’s how it works. First enter a URL in the field here. We will use the motionloops youtube page. When I toggle on the layer you can see it appears just like any other source layer.

The mute button will prevent audio from passing through the layer.

The control pointer button will enable interaction with the website once the layer becomes visible. Without the button enabled notice clicking doesn’t affect the page. Once enabled you can interact with the page, start videos, adjust the volume and use the page’s navigation buttons.

Navigation and reload buttons are also shown in the layer. These mimic the behavior of navigation and reload buttons in a browser.