The New Effects Grid Overview

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Last updated on Tuesday, March 26, 2024 - 1:13am

FX are now arranged in the grid format to increase flexibility and provide more creative options:

  • Daisy Chain effects within the same grid. Cell positions within the grid now determine the render order resulting in dozens of new looks.

  • Autopilot is now available for effects. Set the timing and engage the autopilot to automatically step through your grids in perfect sync with your music.

  • Polyphony settings limit the number of active effects in the layer. When manually triggering or sequencing effects using autopilot or MIDI sequencers, this setting has a huge impact on the output.

  • Duplicate effects can now reside in the grid with different properties. Sequence those duplicates using MIDI or autopilot for unique rhythmic effect patterns.

  • Effects Browser: Effects can now be added using the new FX browser. Create your own customized FX layer and settings then save it all as a layer preset.

  • Grid Style Controls: FX Layers now include grid controls similar to video layers, providing all the functionality found in the video grid. Multiple effects can be triggered simultaneously in a single layer.

  • Real-time Thumbnail Previews for Effects Layer: Just like the video grids, now all cells have previews on mouseover.

  • Streamdeck FX Previews: FX previews can now be viewed in real-time on the Streamdeck as well.

Camera Layer Update

  • Camera Layer Grid Controls now offer the same functionality found in the video and fx glayers. Multiple cameras can be triggered simultaneously in the Camera Layer using the polyphony settings and are rendered in the order they are arranged in the UI.

Demo Mode Update

  • Watermark now appears periodically instead of always staying visible.


  • Smoother Scene switching enables changing the entire stack for a new visual style on demand without frame dropping.

  • Video layers populate huge grids in seconds - we tested with 3000 to ensure you never hit a usable upper ceiling when pushing large filtered playlists to your grids.

  • Streamdeck previews render faster for all layer types.

  • Camera capture optimized for better performance and less latency.

Bug Fixes

  • The layer stack was not being updated when using the Quick Scene Update content menu option.

  • Fixed a rare issue where Stream Deck thumbnails would lock up.

  • macOS: Fixed an issue where the secondary display order could get swapped after restarting or reconnecting displays.

  • macOS: Fixed an issue that could cause streaming/recording to fail.

  • Fixed an issue where an audio-mapped control could persist even after clearing the mapping.

  • Addressed several miscellaneous bug fixes.