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Last updated on Saturday, May 13, 2023 - 11:06pm

Use this area to manage your media folders. To add a media folder, click the plus button. To remove a media folder, select it from the list and click the minus button.

If you have recently added or removed folders from your hard drive located inside an existing media folder, click the quick scan button to update the database with those changes. This is helpful if you purchase and download new video collections frequently.

Use full scans when you add new media folders. This will rebuild your media database for more efficient and snappier operation when filtering playlists and loading video grids.

Use the session list feature to minimize repeated playback of the same media during a performance. When enabled, any media that has already played will appear greyed out in playlists and will be skipped. This ensures all media in playlist plays through before repeating.

You can manually clear the session list using this button …. Or in the main UI during a performance using this button here. Clearing the session list will make all files available for playback.

If you want to automatically clear the list each time you launch vidjam. Check this box.

Media scans build or update the main database which includes file information and all the tags associated with your media. This allows vidjam to have a snappy response necessary for frame accurate synchronization with your music. Usually you will perform a full media scan all new media folders.

Reset the database if you are experiencing issues with your media appearing incorrectly in media panels. This is a last resort as it will delete all your custom data related to your media including your custom tags.

Supported media formats are listed here and will be updated periodically.

Enter a text string in the field here to prevent certain files from appearing in your playlists. For instance, if you enter the term “halloween” no media with “halloween” as part of the file name will be shown in the playlist. You may enter multiple strings separated by commas.