Vidjam offers several levels of presets to help manage your performance and streamline your workflow. You can save and recall user presets that are tied to preferences and hardware settings. You can save and recall layer presets for all layer types to help you organize and retrieve your very best layer settings. You can also save and recall entire layer stacks and assign them to Scene buttons to change entire looks on the fly and in time with your music using the quantize feature.

This ensures consistent performance by allowing artists to reproduce exact parameter settings, eliminating the need for manual adjustments during live events. Presets also empower performers to swiftly transition between different scenes, moods, or effects, facilitating dynamic and multi-faceted presentations. Additionally, the ability to recall presets significantly reduces setup time for recurring shows or sequences, ensuring that the artist can focus more on the performance and less on the technicalities. Lastly, presets foster creativity, as artists can experiment with settings, save multiple versions, and quickly toggle between them to find the perfect aesthetic or sound.

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Layer stacks are combinations of effects, cameras, video grids and other layer types that reside above the central control area. The layer management area allows you to create, save and recall those layer stacks. To create a layer on the stack, click one of the central buttons to add a video grid...