Layer Stacks

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Last updated on Saturday, May 13, 2023 - 10:55pm

Layer stacks are combinations of effects, cameras, video grids and other layer types that reside above the central control area. The layer management area allows you to create, save and recall those layer stacks. To create a layer on the stack, click one of the central buttons to add a video grid layer, effects layer, camera layer, external source layer or browser layer. You may drag and drop the layers in the stack to create a new arrangement.

The stack manager is on the left. To save a new stack arrangement, click Save and enter a new name. To recall a saved stack simply select it from the list. To remove a saved stack from the list, first select it and then use the trashcan button to delete it.

Use the accordion buttons to hide, collapse or expand the entire stack. When collapsed, only the layer in focus will be expanded to conserve space. To hide the entire stack from view, use the Hide Stack button.